Funny Get Well Wishes

When someone is ill or injured it can be a frustrating, miserable and often lonely place to be. They could do with being cheered up or having a laugh. That's why funny get well wishes can be so great. If a loved one or friend is unwell then you can send them a funny message or joke, maybe gently making fun of their situation. Putting a smile on their face when they're feeling down or fed up will be hugely appreciated and could brighten their boring or unhappy day.

However, you must be certain that the recipient of your message or card is going to be able to laugh at themselves and be part of the joke. There is a real chance they may not find being ill funny and could take offence. So be mindful of that and try to be 100% sure the person the message is intended for is the type who will be open to having their illness/injury poked fun at.

Funny Get Well Messages

funny get well wishes message
sick day funny get well message joke

Rude/Offensive Get Well Messages

These funny messages are a lot more risque and in some cases downright rude! They will only be suitable for a small group of people with a certain sense of humour. So be extra careful when deciding on whether to use them.

Laughter is a great way to improve someones mood and brighten their spirits. When someone is ill they need all the cheering up they can get so if the situation is right, a funny get well message and card could be just the thing they need. So whilst you should be wary of offending or upsetting them, if you feel confident then a funny message could be the best way to wish someone a quick recovery.

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