Get Well Gifts

Whilst a card and flowers are a lovely gesture to give someone when they aren't feeling well, you might want to go a bit further and get them a gift. You might want to give a small gift alongside a bouquet of flowers that can help to lift their mood - receiving a sweet present from a friend whilst you're ill can really improve your mood.

Or you can get whoever is unwell a gift that can be of benefit to them whilst they recover. Something that is useful rather than just a throwaway toy or flowers that will last just a matter of days. Finding a gift that can provide real value whilst they focus on getting better could be hugely appreciated.

Whatever type of gift you choose to get someone, having some ideas and inspiration to help make that decision can only help. So take a look at the get well gift ideas below and hopefully be inspired to reach out and give a little something to a friend or loved one that needs cheering up.

Get Well Gifts for Him

Pick up his spirits with a delicious pail of sweet and salty treats brought together just for that man in your life. Offering good-humored support The Man Meds pail is the perfect cheer him.


Completed measures 9\" round by 14\" tall, is wrapped in cellophane and topped with a hand tied bow. Weighs 3 pounds.

Join the Happy Hunters in some healthy amusement! Humor strengthens the immune system, enabling the body to fight sickness and disease. Drawing from two lifetimes of joyful ministry, Charles and Frances Hunter have compiled some fabulous jokes, anecdotes, musings and mind twisters to make your heart merry and speed healing to your body and soul. Get ready to laugh!

This Get Well Gift Set for a Man is perfect for giving someone ill or recovering. Your gift will be much more appreciated than a get well food basket because diets are often restricted during recovery.


Get Well Gifts for Her

The Warm Hug Positive Energy Blanket is carefully crafted and designed for delivering the warmth of a hug, love and comfort. This blanket will be a constant reminder to someone that they are not alone and are valued and loved.

A gift to comfort and encourage hope and healing. Willow Tree angels resonate with many cultures and ages of people. To some they represent protection, to some they are an outward reminder of inner peace, and to some they represent a way to remember those who have left this earth. Hand-carved figures reveal their expression through body gestures only - a tilt of the head, placement of the hands, a turn of the body. Enclosed inside each fitted packaging box is a gift-giving card with piece title and sentiment on it. Each piece is intended to be open to interpretation from the viewer. "Willow Tree isn't so much about the tangible piece. It represents an emotion or it marks a memory." -Susan Lordi

Six favorite Burt’s Bees products in a beautiful gift tin make this a natural choice for moms, daughters and girlfriends as a Mother’s Day gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift or thank you gift. These Burt’s Bees classics make an attractive gift set for men, too.

Packed in a commemorative Burt’s Bees gift tin, the Classics gift set comes with six natural personal care products to sooth and pamper.

What’s in the Box:

Get Well Gifts for a Child

You will love the fine detail award winning Bearington Collection uses to bring Sicky Vicky to life. Hand crafted using the most luxurious, soft plush, this teddy bear is the perfect way to express feelings of sympathy for someone that is under the weather. Soft and pose-able, Sicky Vicky will make the perfect companion.

Silver One's baby collection focuses on luxuriously styled baby blankets and gift sets. The blankets come in many fabrications and colors- including fur, flannel, and plush in printed and solid colors. The embroideries and appliques are unique and trendy. The style is soft, warm, luxurious, and perfect for baby. Blankets are merchandised on hangers, folded and easy to display.

Great Get Well Soon plush Bear, 15" in size. Great for Hospital patient to get all of their visitor's autographs.

Funny Get Well Gifts

Each happy pill "Plush" proves laughter is truly the best medicine. Use as often as needed! Squeeze each happy pill and it bursts out into uncontrollable laughter. A great stress reliever, our happy pill will put a smile on anyone’s face. A great gift for people going through sickness and tough times.

This is the absolute best Get Well, Hang in There, Feel Better and just all around Pick Me Up gift for anyone who needs words of encouragement to Hang in There! The recipient will be intrigued by the fully illustrated gift box that reads - Feel Like a Sloth? - The ribbon closure box opens to reveal the cutest plush Sloth holding a heart and hanging among leaves and it includes a fully illustrated booklet about the Top 10 Things to do when you Feel like a Sloth! This gift will certainly evoke smiles from recipients of all ages. Cheer them up and make them laugh at the same time. Sloths make the cutest stuffed animals and this one will forever warm their heart.

Maybe Swearing will Help is the perfect adult coloring book for those with a sense of humor and a bit of a foul mouth. This adult coloring book features funny pages with quotes of motivation, puns, and cursing for anyone to calm down with. From moderate designs to complex detailed images this book features a wide range of styles, cussing included. Enjoy therapeutic animals, tasty treats, elegant floral patterns, trendy word art and elaborate abstract designs to relax with. Each page brings a new sassy element to this form of art therapy and deserves a chuckle or two. Many designs feature animals including: Fox, Birds, Sheep, Bee, Whale, Fish, Puppies and more. Other pages include: Food, Pastries, Fruit, Ice Cream, Perfume Bottle, Bike and more! Enjoy pages featuring sayings: “Lady with the vocabulary of a Sailor”, “Wine down for what” and “Zen AF”. CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE. NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN.

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