Get Well FAQ: Guide to Writing a Get Well Message

Writing a get well card message may appear hard but doesn’t have to be. In fact as long as you avoid writing or saying a few certain things you should be fine. This guide should help you to decide what sort of message you want to write, how to do so, what is and isn’t appropriate and what to include with your card. So, let’s begin!

What Does Get Well Soon Mean?

Saying 'get well soon' is meant to convey the message of hoping someone recovers from an illness or injury. It is used to wish people a quick return to full health and often written in greetings cards or with flowers. You can also use other phrases such as 'feel better', 'feel better soon' and 'wishing you a speedy recovery' which mean the same thing.

How to Write a Get Well Soon Message?

If you want to write your own get well message for a card then there are a few steps you can follow.

Some example messages:

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How do you Say Get Well Soon?

If you're intending to say get well soon to someone in person, maybe visiting them at home or in hospital, then what you will say is very similar to a get well card message.

These are some ways to say “Get Well Soon”

What do you say in a Get Well Card after Surgery?

Sending a get well card after someone has had surgery doesn't have to be that much different to a regular one. Just a slight change of language and emphasis on the surgery aspect. A few examples:

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What you Shouldn't Say

There are a few things to avoid touching on in your message:

What are the Best Flowers for Saying Get Well Soon?

There is no set rule for the types of flowers you should give to someone as a get well gift. However something cheerful and bright like daisies or pansies are a good choice. Vivid colours can help to brighten their day and lift their spirits. Less common options could include hydrangeas and peonies, which represent perseverance and healing respectively. Yellow roses are also a very cheerful and friendly flower that can be suitable for saying get well soon.

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