Get Well Soon Messages for a Friend

Have a friend that's ill, sick or injured? Need the right words to let them know you're thinking about and wishing them to feel better? Our selection of get well soon messages for a friend are perfect for helping with what to write in a get well soon card.

Send your friend an inspirational and uplifting message to brighten their day. You can send a card on its own, with a gift or even use the examples below to say in person if you're visiting your friend.

Get Well Soon Messages for a Friend

These get well card messages can be used in most situations for a friend. Be that recovering from an illness, sickness or even an injury or surgery. They would work well in a card or get well note, especially alongside flowers. You can also use them to say in person if you visit your friend, either at home or in hospital.

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friendship quote get well messages for a friend

Inspirational Messages for a Sick Friend

Sometimes friends need the people close to them to give them a lift. Being ill can take its toll and make you negative or unhappy. So sending or saying to a friend something inspirational to remind them they will recover soon and be back to normal eventually can be a big boost. So if you think your friend could do with their spirits lifting or have been feeling a bit down in the dumps then use one of these inspirational get well messages.

Taking the time to wish a friend the best and improved health is the least you should be doing when they’re unwell. Try to make the effort to visit them, maybe bring a small gift or their favourite food, and be there if they need anything. And whichever way you choose to say get well remember that your friend will appreciate the effort and gesture behind it.

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