Knowing what to say in a get well card or how to write a really good message can be tough. When a friend or close family member is unwell, injured or sick we want to make everything better. Often we can’t though. All we can do is be there for and support them whilst they get better. So our words should try to comfort, reassure, encourage and, if need be, offer help.

But putting those thoughts and emotions down onto a card can be really tricky. That’s why this website was created. To take any pressure off having to think up the perfect message. You will find a huge range of get well wishes for a whole different set of circumstances. As well as poems, prayers, gift ideas to go with your card and more.

So take the strain off writing a get well message, focus on the important thing - your friend/loved one getting well - and put all your attention on making their recovery as smooth as possible.

Get Well Resources